” Ancelotti no longer a winner”

An agony, slow, that destroys, step by step, a path paved with gold that made Naples a team that was scary: to everyone. Today, Napoli is a stronger team in the squad, with a mountain engagement market value that, for the first time in its history, exceeds 100 million.

And it is also a team that is seen as one of those with which to score is much more than possible. “We deserved more” say those of Udinese, those who played most of the second half tight in the penalty area and waiting for yet another gift from Napoli, with the opening of a few corridors: sooner or later the space left by Naples, everyone knows.

An abomination. At this stage it is a mess. A team that covers the spaces in defence badly, that constantly concedes goals after being non-reactive, that has a midfield with Fabian and Zielinski absolutely unpresentable for defensive cover.

Napoli need a complete clean-up, which also includes the farewell of sports director, Giuntoli, who has not shown himself capable of handling the situation since it collapsed last November 4th .

On Tuesday, Napoli will go through the Champions League round: according to Ancelotti’s contract documents revealed by the Fatto Quotidiano , there are 200,000 euros that will end up, for this achievement, in the pockets of the coach. As the ship sinks, the commander toasts.