Barcelona to hold board meeting ‘on the eve of Clasico’

Blaugrana managers will see a day later than planned due to the draw of the Champions League on Monday.

Monday 16, in Nyon, will be held the draw for the round of 16 of the Champions League and the appointment with UEFA has changed the date of the next meeting of the board of directors of Barcelona, which was to be convened for the same day but was delayed to Tuesday 17, the eve of the Clasico.

Tsunami Democratic, understanding impossible a pact with Barca and Madrid to make his call for dialogue between Catalonia and Spain visible during the match, quoted, at 16.00 p.m. on the 18th, all his registered followers (today about 18,000).

The statement specifies that volunteers must be located at the four entrances to Camp Nou. A mobilization on which Barça will most likely ask opinions to know the extent of its responsibility and of which, if the meeting of the 17th day is confirmed, it will be necessary to make an institutional assessment, either in person or in an official statement.

At this juncture, the idea is to maintain the meeting although the reality is that it is not yet officially convened. A meeting in which, on the other hand, it is also not certain that Emili Rousaud will be promoted to the post of vice president as a first step in promoting his leadership in the continuist candidacy for the 2021 elections.