Griezmann: He is incredible, you have to enjoy him

Antoine Griezmann gave UEFA TV an interview and spoke on various topics, including Lionel Messi and his career to date.

“They always said I was too small, they did x-rays of my wrist to see how far I would grow,” said Griezmann. “They were yough moments but on the pitch I forgot about them. Everything about my game which is first touch, one-twos, looking forward, I learned at La Real. The base of my game is thanks to them. It was a very tough change going to Atletico. (Diego Simeone) didn’t let me do what I did at La Real.

“I always had his voice asking me for more, things I didn’t have, to work for the team. I didn’t come deep at La Real. It was hard for me until December but I learned defensively, tactically and became a better goalscorer thanks to him. I’m saving everything I learned. I out it at the service of the team. I noticed a change in my second year at Atleti, where I said ‘this is the player I want to be’.

Of Messi, he said: “Messi is incredible, you have to enjoy him, it’s a spectacle to watch him play and to play with him.”