Is it true that you do 3000 pumps a day? Ronaldo tells the truth

Cristiano Ronaldo has told that he never made 3 thousand pumps for one day.
Real Madrid star, Crsitiano Ronaldo is known as the most hardworking player in football history, according to many analysts, he is at this level thanks to his hard work.

It was reported that Ronaldo beside many  other exercises he also makes a lot of pumps, 3 thousand per day . But Cristiano Ronaldo  said that this is not true.

“The best thing to compete for everything, is to train intelligently, with greater enthusiasm and always giving the maximum. I do not change my way of training, “said Ronaldo.

“It is not true that the I do 3 thousand pumps  per day.  I usually workout three or four times during the week, but I  do not know if I reach to do thousand pumps a week “, added Ronaldo.