Juventus, Sarri: ‘Ronaldo-Dybala-Higuain? Yes, but under certain conditions’

On the eve of the clash between Juventus and Udinese, Maurizio Sarri spoke at the usual press conference (via IlBianconero.com), answering the questions of the journalists present. Of course, many were eager to hear his thoughts about the Ronaldo, Dybala, Higuain trio.

After two games without a win in the league, the Bianconeri managed to beat Bayer Leverkusen away from home in the final game of the Champions League group stage. The trio was behind the three points, as Dybala assisted Ronaldo and Higuain for the only goals of the game.


Since then, therefore, many have urged Sarri to use all three of them from start, which the manager has done very little this season thus far. When asked about the matter, he didn’t say no to the idea, but he also stated that it depends on the game at hand.


“Aggressive is not offensive, and offensive has nothing to do with the attackers you use. The most attacking formation, for me, is the 4-3-3. The offensive mentality is not to put one more or one less attacker.

“To get all three of them to play together, it takes certain conditions. Sometimes, we will be good at understanding them and sometimes not. It’s essential to understand these conditions,” he stated.

The game is scheduled for Sunday afternoon, with kick-off at 15:00.