Neymar: There should be a Ballon d’Or JUST for Messi, he’s the best I’ve seen


Neymar talks about his former team-mate Messi when receiving the interview from France Football.

Neymar talks about Leo Messi, one of his great friends and with whom he could meet again next summer at Camp Nou.

“Messi is an amazing player. He’s the best I’ve ever seen play. No wonder he has six Ballon d’Or, as he has been on top for many years. There should be a Ballon d’Or just for him.”

Finally, Neymar did not hide that he would also like to win the Ballon d’Or, but made it clear that it is not something that haunts him.


“I’d love to win it too! But that’s not a concern. The Ballon d’Or, comes alone… or not,” he concluded.

Finally, Neymar was inevitably asked about Messi and Mbappé, and kept his answer short: “I will always love Messi, and Mbappé is a really special talent.”