Bonucci: We were never really dangerous and this must make us think


The Bianconeri captain Bonucci discussed their thoughts and feelings following their Super Cup defeat against Lazio in Saudi Arabia.

Bonucci: “Lazio should be given credit for having played a great game.”

“We knew they were in optimal physical and psychological condition, and at the beginning, we paid a little for a lack of aggression, but we still managed to straighten the game out.”

“In the second half, we managed to recover better on the second balls, but we were never really dangerous and this must make us think.”


“They put us in difficulty with their depth and with the high balls. In fact, the second goal was created from a ball on the second post.”

“Too bad, because we wanted to bring home this trophy, but they have proven to be a great team.”

“Now we must recover our energy, because in many important matches await us in 2020.”