Ronaldo: I’m intelligent and have no defects, I’m always professional


The Portuguese striker spoke to DAZN Italy journalist Diletta Leotta and analysed his first 18 months with the Turin based side.

Cristiano Ronaldo spoke to DAZN Italy and during the course of the interview, analysed his time with Juve and looked ahead to his future within the game.

Becoming a coach: “As of today, I have no real interest in coaching. Maybe that’s something that will come in the future and if that were the case, motivation would be my key. I always feel a coach should be able to transmit his passion. I like to have fun, dribbling, shooting and scoring”.

Starting out in the game: “Everything changed when I was 18, before football was fun, now I have the same level of motivation but with other priorities. I want to win, lift trophies and always be at the peak of the game. Despite having more responsibility now, my drive and motivation remains intact and football keeps delivering happiness. I’m content, motivated and keen to keep playing for plenty more years”.

Arriving in Turin: “I recall well the day of being unveiled and it was wonderful to be surrounded by the fans, my family and friends. I love everything related to the club, it’s culture and history. It’s the best club in Italy and I’m truly happy here and anxious to lift silverware. I also love the Italian way of life and culture in general”.


A positive attribute and a defect: “I’m intelligent. Defects? I have none and I’m always a consummate professional.”

Relationship with Buffon: “Anytime I met with Buffon, I always thought he was a great guy full of positivity and in a good mood. That’s the way is every day, relaxed and generous. He really is a great person”.

Winning the “Scudetto”: “My mother was in the stadium that evening and it really was special. I became the first player to win a league title in three of the major European leagues. A trophy is always a trophy and it doesn’t matter if it’s the Champions League, Serie A or the Nations League. I simply love to win”

Euro 2016: “That was probably the most important title in my career to date. I laughed, cried, helped coach the team and got drunk later that night. It was a truly special day.”