Bale: Kroos’ so protective about his classic AdiPure that he cleans them himself


Gareth Bale has recently revealed that midfield teammate Toni Kroos has a habit of cleaning his own boots rather than letting kitman clean them.

“Toni Kroos is so protective about his classic AdiPure’s (the boots he’s worn since 2013) that he cleans them himself. We think he doesn’t trust the kitman to clean them, so he always cleans them himself so that they’re perfect.” says Bale.

Last August, Kroos revealed some details about him and his football boot witness.

“My football boots are the most important thing when I go out on the pitch. I have to play in white shoes, that’s a little tick of mine. Even the smallest bit of dirt disturbs me. That’s why I clean and care for my shoes myself.”

Kroos has just scored an Olympic goal in Valencia win and Real Madrid are going to play the Spanish Super Cup final against Atletico on 13th, January.