Salamanca mayor: I’m a Barcelona fan, white colour is for shirts and wine


Carlos Garcia Carbayo, mayor of Salamanca, doesn’t know if he will attend Wednesday’s Copa del Rey tie between Unionistas de Salamanca and Real Madrid.

The match will be played at Unionistas’ Las Pistas home, but Carbayo has mixed feelings over going.

“I’m a Barcelona fan,” he said when asked whether he will attend the game.

“I leave the [colour] white for shirts and wine.”

Third-tier Unionistas were given clearance to play the tie at their Las Pistas home after security forces approved the decision.


“The decision is to play at Unionistas’ stadium and from now on, all that remains is to make the match a party and that it’s played in the best conditions possible and that the name of Salamanca is important as we come from the activities that we organise,” Carbayo said.