Barcelona members report the club for misuse of the Seient Lliure service


Thirty Barcelona members have filed a suit against their club for not returning the established profit through their service named Seient Lliure.

Through the aforementioned service, season ticket holders can notify the club if they can’t attend a game.

Subsequently, the Blaugrana offer the seat to other supporters and give part of the profit to the season ticket holder.

However, as Cadena SER reported, 30 Barcelona members complained to the court that the club hadn’t reimbursed them the whole amount of money due.


“The club owners effectively believed that the ‘Seient Lliure’ was the only way to transfer [the members’] season tickets when they could not or did not want to attend a game,” states the complaint.

“They ignored that they could do so, up to the official price of the game, through other channels without the possibility of being sanctioned by the board of directors.”