Ronaldo becomes the central figure in a children’s comic book as a superhero

Cristiano Ronaldo, after having hit his 50th goal for Juventus, will now become the central figure in a children’s comic book, in which he is depicted as a superhero.

In a plan to promote literacy amongst children, as well as encouraging the mixing of different cultures, Ronaldo will be the start of ‘Striker Force 7’ which is due to be published in Spain by Destino on Tuesday, February 4.

The comic, which will also be made into an animated short series, takes Ronaldo away from the football pitch and makes him a superhero working for the international Striker Force 7 agency, in the hopes of keeping peace across the world.

The animated series will be produced by the Graphic India Studio and VMS Communications, which will be released in India on television and online using Facebook Watch.