Haaland can jump 1.63m far when he was 5 and it’s still world record at the age!

Haaland scored 2 goals for BVB in UCL game last night. He has scored tons of goals in his professional football career, and his talent has been shown even younger.

According to age-records.com, at the age of 5, the distance of Haaland’s standing long jump is already 1.63 metres, and it’s the world record at this age.

Haaland’s father, Alf-Inge Haaland, has talked about his son’s sporting career as a kid.

“Before he started playing football, we let him play some athletics to test himself. He played handball, track and field and ski. A manager of handball club in Norway even hoped him to continue to play handball when he was 14.”

Haaland’s father, as we all know, was a footballer who played for Manchester City. In fact, his mother was also an athlete and was a national champion of heptathlon.