Don’t talk too loud, Barcelona! – Guardiola fires back at former club on UCL ban


Pep Guardiola blasted back at Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu as he took questions about Manchester City’s Champions League ban for the first time.

Bartomeu had been holding a press conference to address a recent scandal and deny allegations that he had hired a PR company critical about key Barcelona personnel past and present including Guardiola but opened with thanks for UEFA.

“I would like to thank UEFA regarding FFP (Financial Fair Play), they’ve been doing fantastic work in the last couple of years. We have regular investigations and we have supported UEFA in everything it does in football.”

Guardiola, who insists that the verdict is not final as he stressed his commitment to the Blues and believes what his bosses have told him, was left unimpressed with the Barcelona chairman jumping to support UEFA in the case – to the point that he extended his press conference in order to answer the question.


“If they are happy we are suspended, I say to the president of Barcelona, let us appeal,” he said. “The people [at City] right now trust what they have done so that is what we are going to do. We’re going to appeal and maybe it happens but don’t talk too loud Barcelona.

“That is my advice because everybody is involved sometimes in situations. We are going to appeal and hopefully in the future we can play in the Champions League against Barcelona.”