Nagelsmann: Guardiola is the only one who I can sometimes ask about tactics


Julian Nagelsmann, the highly-rated manager of RB Leipzig, has revealed how he has been conferring with Pep Guardiola over tactics this season.

Nagelsmann has led his Leipzig side to second in the Bundesliga, just a point behind leaders Bayern Munich in his first season at the club.

The German, 32, faced Guardiola and Manchester City last season in the Champions League group stages, before leaving Hoffenheim last summer to take the reins at the Red Bull Arena.

Now, in an interview with SportBild (via SportWitness), Nagelsmann explained how he is in contact with Guardiola from time to time, with the pair discussing tactics due to their similar philosophies.

“Pep is the only one who I can sometimes ask about the content of how he sees something,” Nagelsmann said.

“I don’t call Pep to ask what to do against Bayern. I send him some of our game scenes as a video on my cell phone and tell him my solution. Then he answers honestly and we discuss.

“You find that very rarely, and it is worth a lot. Especially with Pep, because he aggressively does so many things differently than it would be solved in the traditional way.”


The pair’s relationship could also have played a part in Angelino’s loan move to Leipzig, with Nagelsmann explaining how the left-back’s time under Guardiola was a key factor in their interest.

“He [Angeliño] learned a lot of things from Pep,” Nagelsmann continued.

“Since I want to have something similar, he can’t do much wrong.”

Then, when asked if Guardiola is the best manager in the world, Nagelsmann seemed to challenge Guardiola to manage a smaller side, like Nagelsmann did at Hoffenheim.

He said: “There are successful coaches and less successful ones. Choosing the best is just as difficult as choosing the world’s best football player. The coaches have different philosophies.

“It would be interesting to see how successful Pep would be with Hoffenheim or me with Manchester City. In principle, what speaks for Pep in the question are the titles that he won.”