Juve ‘lacked motivation in Lyon boss’ despite Ronaldo fueling his teammates

A bitter night, which risks being very bitter. Without a comeback in the return leg, Juventus can say goodbye to their dream of winning the Champions League. Certainly, it would be a disaster, given that we’re only in the Round of 16 and Lyon were one of the easier teams.

The Bianconeri lack in motivation, concentration and attention, even before adding the demands of the manager, and they also lack character. This is despite the great personalities inside the locker room, including Ronaldo.

As La Stampa explains, the Portuguese star fueled his teammates before the game as usual. He did the same during the half-time break in an attempt to bring back some determination to the team after a poor first 45 minutes.

However, Juve was already weak and at a disadvantage, thus meaning the speech was of no use, as the newspaper continues. Furthermore, Ronaldo didn’t replicate his words on the pitch, and eventually the Bianconeri fell.