‘We must humiliate these sons of bitxxxx’ – Di Maria’s ‘insulting’ words vs BVB

Angel Di Maria and Mauro Icardi spared the Borussia Dortmund players in the PSG victory.

Evidenced by the images captured by Spanish television and which show Di Maria and Icardi copiously insult the players of Dortmund on several occasions, according to Marca.

While the Parisians are celebrating the second goal scored by Juan Bernat just before half-time, Di Maria has indeed exhorted his teammates in a virulent and even insulting manner.

“We have to put six, seven … All the goals we can. We must humiliate them, we must humiliate these sons of bit… ”, he said, determined to see the PSG put the nail in.

And after the match, the qualification for the quarter-finals once validated, the Parisians had no better feelings towards the players of Lucien Favre. For proof this time, the projection of Mauro Icardi. “And now that they’re celebrating the sons of bit…”, he said on his side, his words being necessarily more audible without supporters.