Rugani: I feel good, rest assured, I’m practically finished all of Netflix!

Juventus defender Daniele Rugani states he’s “feeling pretty good” after contracting the Coronavirus.

Rugani was one of several Serie A players to publicly announce that they have the disease last week.

The defender spoke to Juventus TV about having contracted the virus.

“I’m fine, I’ve been pretty good. I haven’t had the symptoms you read about in the news,” Rugani told the channel.

“I was lucky despite it being a good hit, because I was the first in our environment to get it. I hope it will serve to raise awareness.”

Rugani was asked about the reaction to the news of his announcement.

“It was a blow because there was a media boom. I thank everyone here publicly for the messages I received.

“I’m fine, rest assured. We will all overcome this situation.”

With all of Italy in lockdown, Rugani was asked how he spends his time.

“I’m practically finished all of Netflix! I recommend ‘The Invisible Guest’, it’s a thriller that doesn’t last long and it isn’t that serious. I’ll also accept other recommendations from you!”

Rugani was then asked who his idol was growing up.

“I have always been a midfielder or defender, but I am a Juventus fan, so I always bought Alessandro Del Piero’s shirt every year.

“Together with my new shoes, we had a tradition where my father also bought me a Del Piero jersey.”

Juventus are in quarantine due to Ruagni contracting the virus, so how does he feel about it?

“I’m missing the embrace of loved ones. I am at the J hotel alone, the quarantine is a bit long, and boring, but it’s like that for everyone.