Coronavirus vaccine that could end the pandemic is being tested in China


There are finally signs of some good news in the fight against the coronavirus.

Scientists in Wuhan, where the illness originated, are currently carrying out clinical trials of a coronavirus vaccine.

The Chinese Embassy in Spain’s Twitter account shared a tweet that pointed out that the vaccine was undergoing trials.

Around 5,000 people in Wuhan have signed up as volunteers for the vaccination and 108 of them were able to participate in the first phase.

Participants will then spend a period of time in quarantine, where they will follow guidelines and communicate through WhatsApp groups.


It will take at least a month to know if the results are as expected and, if they are, then the vaccine’s chief scientist Chen Wei says “they can end the pandemic”.

“If the initial results show that it Is safe and it produces the desired results, we will test it abroad,” Wei explained.