Serie A season could be finished by playing 3 games a week (La Repubblica)


Serie A bosses hope to be able to conclude the season by playing three games a week at night time according to a report from the online edition of Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica.

The Serie A season has been on hold for a few weeks now due to the ongoing global Coronavirus pandemic and it remains unclear if the season will even resume.

Despite all the uncertainty, Lega Serie A and a number of other authoritative bodies are at work coming up with ways in which the remainder of the season could be concluded if it starts again.

The above idea, which would involve the matches being played behind closed doors, aside, the report goes on to state that Lega Serie A and the Italian football federation (FIGC) could just opt to end the season now.

No title would be handed out and two rather than three teams would go down to Serie B whilst two Serie B teams would come up.

The teams currently occupying the top four slots would be entered into the Champions League and then the teams in fifth, sixth and seventh would be entered into the Europa League.