Vinicius working tirelessly to return from crisis in flying form

The Brazilian is doing a couple of training sessions a day under the eye of his trainer, Thiago Lobo, and he wants to be at top speed when football returns.

Vinicius is working tirelessly during the coronavirus shutdown. He’s not just going through the motions either with two workout sessions a day under the watchful eye of his physical trainer, Thiago Lobo. The work takes place in the mornings and in the evenings, seven days a week.

The coronavirus has thrown everyone’s routines off-kilter. Everyone has been forced to adapt to a new normal including Real Madrid’s players. For Vinicius, the break comes at a terrible time given how good he was playing when LaLiga was interrupted by the coronavirus. In his head, he is only thinking about one thing: getting back to where he was before the rug was pulled out from underneath us. He wants to control the things he can control and his physical fitness is one of them.

In total, Vinicius works at least three and a half hours a day to maintain his fitness and strength. With Lobo, he works on a strict plan that is extra to his normal workout and is always okayed by the club. Dupont, the team’s trainer, gives him workouts to do as homework and Lobo adds that little bit more.

With or without the ball, Vinicius is a player who trains with a smile on his face and he hasn’t lost that despite Spain’s strict isolation rules. He has a gym in his house along with a garden to do the rest of the work necessary to remain in shape.