Wan-Bissaka reveals who was his career inspiration


Aaron Wan-Bissaka has revealed that Barcelona legend Dani Alves has been one of the greatest influences on his career.

The Manchester United full-back has established himself as one of the leading defenders in the Premier League this season but will now be looking to emulate the success of Alves in Spain.

Alves is the most decorated player in the history of football with over 40 trophies to him name, but it is his illustrious spell at Barcelona which really inspired the United right-back.

“Dani Alves, I think,” Wan-Bissaka told the club website when asked for his favourite defender to watch.

“I just liked the way he expressed himself throughout the whole game. He played in that amazing Barcelona team and he was a big part of the success they had.”


The 22-year-old will be looking emulate Alves when football finally returns later this year and he’ll be looking to use the current time off to analyse his game.

However, Wan-Bissaka admits he has mixed emotions when it comes to watching highlights of his own past performances. He added: “Right now, it makes me miss the game. That’s the negative side of it, I guess. It makes me miss football a lot. But generally I do enjoy it, it’s really useful.

“It shows me how I’ve improved from last year, what I’ve done differently and what I can do better. I enjoy watching myself back, watching the team play, because you can see the improvements we’re making.”