‘Juventus now have every right to ask Kulusevski not to play after June 30’


Parma director Daniele Faggiano warns the lack of clarity over contracts after June 30 could mean Juventus blocking Dejan Kulusevski from playing again this season.

If the 2019-20 campaign does resume, the fixtures won’t be completed until late July, and FIFA have not yet stabilised whether contracts that expire on June 30 can be automatically extended to cover that period.

It’s particularly tricky when it comes to loan deals, such as the one that allowed Parma to keep hold of Kulusevski even after Juve purchased him in January.

“There’s no point talking about dates when we don’t know if the season will end at all, or if it does, whether players whose contracts expire on June 30 can remain with us,” Parma director of sport Faggiano told Sky Sport Italia.


“It’s not an issue of convincing a player like Kulusevski to stay after June 30, but rather we need some clear rules. Juventus currently have every right to ask Kulusevski not to play after that date, because they might be concerned he could get injured. In order to avoid all of this, we need clear regulations.”

Parma have more issues to contend with too, as Faggiano confirms their top players are hot property.

“It won’t be easy for us to keep players like Matteo Darmian and Bruno Alves. We have several important players and I think the big clubs have already noticed Juraj Kucka or Jasmin Kurtic.”