PL clubs ‘to use colour-coded warning system to monitor training sessions’

Premier League clubs will reportedly use colour-coded warning systems to inform themselves whether they’re taking too high a risk in training.

On Wednesday the clubs will vote on a return to team and contact training and it is anticipated that clubs will be in favour of pushing ahead to the next phase of Project Restart.


As reported by The Telegraph, red is seen as ‘very high risk’ in the colour-coded system with a points total of over 60.

In such circumstances clubs would be urged to ‘reduce the potential incidence and severity of virus transmission’.

The next level is amber, which is ‘high risk’ and has a score of 50 to 60 points.


Next is yellow, which is ‘moderate risk’ with a score of 40-49 points, while the lowest level is green, which is ‘low risk’ and has a score of below 39 points.

Each club will have a Covid-19 training and coaching co-ordinator, who will give a score for each activity during training.

The guidance has been prepared by Richard Garlick, the Premier League’s director of football.

The season could resume on June 19 or June 26, with clubs, having initially been limited to 75 minute training sessions, now allowed to train for as long as they like.