Tebas ‘barely noticed’ Ronaldo exit

Liga President Javier Tebas claims they ‘barely noticed’ Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure for Juventus and Serie A. ‘Only Leo Messi is different, he’s the best player in history.’

Ronaldo and Messi had duelled for the Spanish title at Real Madrid and Barcelona for many years, but CR7 moved on to Turin in 2018.

“It certainly irritated the Real Madrid fans, but his absence was barely noticed at a league level, because the Liga brand transcends individual players,” Tebas told RAC1.

“Only Messi is different, as he is the best player in the history of football and has always played in our league. If he had left, we would’ve felt regret, even more so if he’d gone to a different league.

“Messi is an icon of Spanish football and I’d urge him to retire here.”