Marseille’s potential new owner ‘wants to sign Ronaldo and Zidane’


Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi, one of the potential buyers of Marseille, has big plans for the club.

They are an attractive club to buy at the moment having qualified for next season’s Champions League under Andre Villas-Boas and he is thinking big.

“I love football, especially the noble side of the sport,” Ajroudi told Le Figaro.

“I like German discipline, especially Bayern Munich’s.

“I appreciate Barcelona’s football.

“A player I’ll never forget is Cristiano Ronaldo.

“I like respect and discipline and he embodies that.


“Do I dream about him at Marseille? Everything is possible in life.

“It’s a dream that excites me.”

As for the coaching side of the project, Ajroudi didn’t rule out a move for Marseille native Zinedine Zidane when asked about the Real Madrid boss.

“We’ll see what happens in the future,” he answered.