The day that Zidane asked Bielsa for advice

Zinedine Zidane’s has another LaLiga Santander title to add to his fast-growing list of trophies as Real Madrid boss, with this latest addition taking the Frenchman’s tally to 11 in his short time as a coach.

In comparison, Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa hasn’t managed as many trophies as Zidane but has always been widely respected for his achievements, so much so that the Real Madrid coach once visited the Argentine during his spell at Marseille to see if he could pick up any tips to take back to Castilla.

“He’s a living monument to football,” Bielsa said of Zidane.

“I see him more as a statue than a living being.

“For Mr. Zidane to listen to me was unforgettable.

“He was more and more focused, although it was hard at first.

“Zidane exerts this inhibiting power on an ordinary man. It’s indescribable.”

During Zidane’s visit to Marseille’s training ground back in 2014, ‘El Loco’ had kind words to say to the then-budding coach.

Bielsa spoke with Zidane and said that, at the end of the training session, he could show him how they analysed a defeat.

Zidane followed Bielsa’s explanation carefully and was grateful for the time and advice that the Argentine had given him.