Which Real Madrid legend you want back in the team!? Here are the answers of the fans

Real Madrid is one of the world’s biggest clubs and one of Europe’s best clubs. But they’re not infallible.

Despite being top of La Liga and in the last eight of the UEFA Champions League, they are not guaranteed any further silverware this season. Because like all sides, Real Madrid have weaknesses. They have areas of the team which require upgrades, that are targeted by opposition sides and that can cause them to drop points when they shouldn’t.

It’s Real Madrid, so those weaknesses will be identified and rectified, one way or another, but all transfers bring their own risks and potential failure.

There was a survey in the internet with the follow question: which in-the-prime legend would you have back right now to fill the team’s biggest problem area?

And the results are as in follow:

1.Iker Casillas – 46%

2.Raul – 34%

3.Hierro – 15%

4. Other – 5%

It’s interesting that Casillas is still playing for Porto and Real Madrid has the main problem in the goalkeeping area and if the fans are asked they will bring back their legend as first option for the goalkeeping position.