Bielsa’s admirable message against the Super League


Leeds United boss Marcelo Bielsa came out in clear opposition of the European Super League ahead of his side’s game with Liverpool, one of the Premier League’s so-called ‘big six’ on Monday.

With the Reds being one of the 12 teams involved in the new breakaway league, emotions were running high at Elland Road and Leeds even took to the pitch for their warm-up wearing t-shirts saying that “football is for the fans” and “earn it” alongside the Champions League’s logo.

“What makes the competition great is the possibility that one of the weak teams develop, not the excessive growth of those with power,” Bielsa said before his Leeds would go on to draw with the self-proclaimed European elite side.

“But the logic around the world at the moment, and football isn’t excluded from this, is that the most powerful get richer and the rest get poorer.”

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp had also spoken about the new competition ahead of the game.


“My feelings didn’t change,” Klopp said, referring to comments in 2019 when he made his stance against the idea clear. “We – me and the players – were not involved in any process.

“One thing I understand and that people think is not right is the competitiveness, I like that West Ham have the chance to play Champions League.

“I don’t want them to, because I want us to be there, but I like that they have the chance. The most important part of Liverpool is the supporters and team. We need to make sure that nothing gets in between that.

“I’m 53. Since I’ve been in professional football, the Champions League has been there. My aim was always to coach a team there. I have no issues with the Champions League. I don’t know exactly why these 12 teams have done this.”