Infantino: ‘We can only and strongly disapprove of SL which is a closed shop’

FIFA president Gianni Infantino is speaking at UEFA Congress – and he has offered full support to the European governing body in the fight against the Super League proposals.

Infantino said: “We can only and strongly disapprove of a Super League which is a closed shop, breakaway from current institutions.

“No doubt whatsoever of FIFA’s disapproval. Full support to UEFA.”

“There is a lot to throw away for maybe a short-term financial gain of some. People need to think very carefully. They need to reflect and they need to assume responsibility.”

“It is my task and our task to protect the European sports model, club competitions, national teams. If they choose to go their own way, they must live with their choice. They are either in or out. They cannot be half in and half out.”