If he fails to send Italy to Qatar, Mancini could move to Man Utd


Romberto Mancini with his Italy will play the chances of qualifying for the World Cup Qatar 2022 through the play-off in March, where he initially faces Northern Macedonia and if he wins, there will be a real final with the winner of the Portugal-Turkey match.

Italy had missed the last World Cup, after the Blues failed in the play-off against Sweden by not participating in Russia 2018.

Anxiety and fear in the azurr camp has increased significantly this time as well, however coach Roberto Mancini is the one who feels somewhat calmer.


If he does not manage to go to Qatar with his Italy, Mancini will have the opportunity to return to the Premier League, this time to lead Manchester Untedin, after a successful experience at Man City a few years ago.


The Italian coach is on the list of preferences of Manchester United, who are ready to offer him a 3-year contract.

This can only be achieved if Italy does not go to the World Cup, as in this way Mancini can leave the blue bench immediately.


But if Italy manages to secure the ticket to Qatar, then the Mancini option falls, as the selector will have to lead the team to Qatar 2022