Klopp mentions several times the club for which he can leave Liverpool!


Jurgen Klopp has recently renewed his contract with Liverpool, but that in his mind is probably still what after the adventure with The Reds.


The German strategist has spoken openly that he was contacted in the past by Bayern Munich, but that he had not agreed to go to the “Allianz Arena”, but that he has made it known that he does not know the future.

“Which club should I go to to be in a different situation? I can ask Pep Guardiola if he is tired of all these victories to lead Manchester City. How is the idea? “Yes, it will not be, I do not want this,” said Klopp.
“Sometimes I could go to Bayern. I can say with confidence that there I would have won more trophies in my career, at least I would have had more chances to do so.


“It simply came to our notice then. I have a valid contract with Liverpool. The world is not just winning. I hope the world is full of people who want to win. “I try and sometimes I win with other people… And I am happy with that,” added the former Dortmund coach.

It is noted that Bayern have approached the possible invitation of Klopp with every change of team coach in the last six years.