Argentina Football Association is against Messi

Messi is expected to be punihsed by FIFA for what he did to the referee after the match against Chile.
Linesman Judge Marcelo Van Gasse is verbally abused by the captain of the Argentina Leo Messi, and now media report that the Barcelona star can be punished for that action.

“F*** your mother is P ****”, said Messi to Van Gasse, and refused to shake his hand.

Almost all world media report that Messi can be punished by FIFA and is in doubt for today’s match against Bolivia.

Now even Football Association of Argentina have risen up against Messi.

They are informed about the possibility of Leo Messi punishmend and they believe that no player should be treated differently from others. “If he said that, he should be punished like everyone else,” said President Armando Perez.