Analysis: Juventus failed the season and scored 28 goals less than last. Did Ronaldo’s departure affect or did Allegri fail!


Juventus lived a year without Ronaldo. Everything seems clear, but Ronaldo is too big and contradictory to assess the consequences of parting with a simplified structure.

Allegri complained that Ronaldo’s sudden departure disappointed Juventus

First of all, it is necessary to state the fact. Juve again did not win the championship, lost all domestic finals and closed the season without trophies for the first time in 11 years.

One of the well-known explanations is Ronaldo’s sudden departure. Upon his return, Allegri declared Dybala the center of the project. Cristiano lost his privileged status but believed in it only after being left on the bench in the first game. The acquaintance with fair competition ended abruptly: the Portuguese broke his promise and fled to Manchester a few days before the transfer window closed, writes

As usual, the unplanned loss created problems. First, the lack of left-wingers forced Allegri to abandon 4-3-3 and experiment with the passing of the season. Second, there was a lack of attack. Throughout the past year, Juve played with a specialized center-forward and suffered due to the lack of a replacement for Moraten. The inability to rotate became one of Pirlo’s problems. Keane solved it. He did not come in place of Ronaldo, but on the bench, but Cristiano’s departure kept the deficit until winter.

Many consider all of this as an important reason for the failed season. Allegri even said: “When Ronaldo left three days before the closing of the market, it was not easy. “He made our lives difficult.” But Massimiliano is known for his ability to play with conventional wisdom to protect himself from pressure. Here his words are more like an excuse than an explanation.

In the same interview in May, he said: “Now I know the players. “There will be more chances for the Scudetto next season.” Of course, if the coach had been familiar with the characteristics of the players for so long, keeping one of them, especially not systematically important, would not have changed anything. Allegri realized too late what the team could do. Ronaldo is definitely not to blame for the fact that in nine months Juventus had no clear ideas in the game.

Juventus scored 28 goals less than a year ago. Do you miss Ronaldo?

Last year, Juventus scored 108 goals in all competitions, this year, 80. Performance fell by 26%.

It seems like a good reason to remember the 36 goals of the Portuguese, but there is an important nuance: in the summer Juventus changed coach again. It is impossible to draw conclusions without adapting to the style of play. It is important to understand what exactly caused the fall, the absence of Ronaldo or the presence of Max Allegri.


First, let’s talk about an undeniable fact: Ronaldo is not a creator. Last season he made 2 assists. This is three times less than the average of other Juve attacking players.

Juventus lost precisely in creation. Last season. A year ago, the team sent the ball to the goal more often.

The Portuguese’s departure did not affect the overall quality: Juve switched to a component that Ronaldo did not affect at all.

There is a myth that Ronaldo distracted the defenders and thus made it easier for the attacking partners. This is not true

To understand, let’s look at Federico Chiesa’s goals. This season, his efficiency has dropped from 211 to 301 minutes per ball. For a player going from attacking system to Allegri football, such a drop is within normal limits, but just in case, let’s check: was last year’s explosion due to Ronaldo’s help?

Here, for example, Chiesa’s first goal in Serie A. The screenshot was taken at the moment of passing. Please note: Ronaldo is out of the game, center-backs do not pay attention. But Morata helps: he distracts two defenders at once.

The match against Milan: Ronaldo stays in the center and does not affect the structure of the defense in any way.

Milan’s second goal: Frabobta and Ramsey stop the defenders, and Ronaldo parasitizes their move and secretly goes to the far post, counting on a pass, but Chiesa will score himself.

It was assumed that the entire offensive line compensates for Ronaldo’s goals, and so it happened

When Ronaldo returned to Britain, Christian Vieri said: Juventus lost 25-30 goals in one season. “Someone will have to write them down for him.”

Previous points proved that the decline in performance is not due to the departure of Ronaldo, it is a passive game and lack of ideas. Where did his goals go then?

The easiest way to prove this would be by comparing the effectiveness of the strikers this season and last season. But we have already found that comparing Allegri’s performance to that of Pirlo is just as fair as underestimating Ronaldo’s performance due to LeBron James numbers. Allegri e tole