In Barcelona, they realized what Dembele was doing to them and they would take revenge on him in a brutal way


Usman Dembele has not yet made a decision where he will play next season.

The French national team player has a contract with Barcelona until the end of this month and in a few days he will be a free player.

Dembele was expected to resolve the issue of the future by the end of his contract with Barça, but that has not yet happened. The biggest reason is the incredible conditions set by his agent Musa Sissoko.
The clubs that showed interest in Dembele withdrew from the negotiations due to the huge bonuses that his agent wants.

Dembele currently has only Barcelona’s offer on the table, which is not even close to what his agent expects. Although the Frenchman wants to stay in Barcelona, ​​the club has made it clear that he will not change the offer and agree to his demands.


Catalan Sport also reported that they are losing patience in Barcelona because Dembele did not respond to their latest offer at all and that it is clear that in this way he “made sure” to have at least a backup option if no one agrees to what he is looking for.
That is why the Spanish media reported that the leaders of Barcelona are seriously considering withdrawing the offer they made to Dembele because they do not want them to be just a backup option for him.

Barcelona told Dembele’s agent that they must respond in the coming days and respond to the Catalan club’s offer, and if they do not do so, Barça will withdraw the offer, which could put the Frenchman in a really awkward situation.