The power of Africa – stormy reactions in Spain due to the cover of “Marca”


Real Madrid has made two transfers so far this summer. Antonio Rudiger arrived as a free agent from Chelsea and Orlieen Chuameni for around 100 million euros from Monaco.

Thus, the “Galacticos” strengthened their team with two players who are originally from the African continent. Due to that, the Madrid “Marca” came out with the title “Africa Power”, but it caused a stormy reaction.

The approach of the Spanish media bothered many fans who reacted in the comments.

“When the club does not have results, they will be players from Africa, and when it goes well, then they will become players from Germany, France, Austria,” a fan wrote on Twitter.


Another believes that many of those players have nothing to do with the African continent.

“Rudiger was born in Berlin, Benzema in Lyon, Alaba in Vienna… Even if they have African parents, they have nothing to do with that continent.”

“Marca” may have wanted to present the African continent in a positive sense in Real Madrid’s transfer strategy, but most of the comments are negative.