Real offered Kross a new contract, but he openly admitted that it bothered him


Cross has been cooperating with the royal club until the end of next season, and the leaders of Real have tried several times to agree on a contract extension, but without much success.

According to the Madrid AC, the 32-year-old midfielder surprised Florentino Perez because he rejected the new contract again, and honestly admitted that it is not in his interest now.

Cross came to Real Madrid in the summer of 2014 from Bayern for 32 million euros and was a complete success because he has been a standard member of the first team of the royal club for eight years and won everything he could.

Perez is also aware of how important Cross is and believes he can play at the top level for several more seasons, but the German obviously thinks differently.


The AC reported that Cross did not have as much motivation as before because he managed to win almost everything he could in his career. Although he is only 32 years old, he is already considering ending his career.

Cross told Real’s management that he needed time to think and that he would only tell them next season whether he would stay at the club or end his career. Going to another club is not an option for him at the moment.