Dani Alves tonight received the biggest slap in his rich career!


With 42 trophies won, Dani Alves is the most trophy winning player in history.

If he recently received a knife in the back from Barcelona, ​​tonight the legendary Brazilian received perhaps the biggest slap in his rich career.

Namely, the media in the Apennines report that Alves offered himself via e-mail to the member of Serie A, the team of Spezia.

As it is known, the club barely survived in Serie A last season, and it is interesting that now it has decided to reject one of the best right backs so far.

Alves wants to play with all his might at the World Cup, which is why his goal is to play in the top five leagues to be fully prepared for the tournament in Qatar.


However, no one expected Alves to personally offer himself to teams below his level.

After all, the 39-year-old apparently had too high an appetite. He allegedly demanded an overpayment, for which he was rejected in Spezia.

Alves has previously been linked with Real Valladolid, where compatriot Ronaldo wants to see him and Marcella on the back lines.