New Barcagate scandal: Josep Maria Bartomeu used club money for…


The latest details have emerged from the ongoing Barcagate scandal, which is currently under investigation by Catalan police.

The scandal itself, harks back to the news that broke in February of 2020, that President Josep Maria Bartomeu had contracted a business called I3 Ventures to engage in online activities which involved directing abuse at Barcelona’s own players.

The investigation has gradually more and more remarkable details of Bartomeu’s hapless attempts to control the narrative.

It had already been revealed that Bartomeu had paid off journalists to help sway public opinion in his favour and discredit his opposition.


Fresh details emerged on Cadena SER programme ‘Que t’hi jugues’ today that the Mossos (Catalan police) have intercepted messages showing that Bartomeu contracted another business called Nicestream to create social media accounts and use them to protect Bartomeu.

The messages also show that Bartomeu falsified contracts and hid them from the club too. Sport relayed the information which seems even more condemning for the former President with each passing day.