Di Livio: 7th July will be announced the new club of Cristiano Ronaldo


Cristiano Ronaldo had a good first season in his second spell at Manchester United, something that cannot be said for the club who failed to achieve their desired goals and ended up missing out on the Champions League.

All this makes us talk about the future of the Portuguese and whether he has a place in the new project of the Premier League led by Eric Ten Haag. In the past period, he was connected with Bayern Munich, Chelsea…or rather, according to the media, his agent Mendes is offering him through well-known clubs on the old continent.

Roma was also mentioned on this list, but somehow no one took it seriously or it was considered as a new speculation, but the situation may be different if the information provided by the former Italian representative Angelo Di Livio is correct.

Di Livio emphasized that Cristiano could get a new club in just a few days, or rather on July 7, to be announced as a member of the “wolf” from Rome.


I know from different sources that Roma is trying to sign Cristiano Ronaldo and that July 7 could be the date of the announcement. It is an indiscretion, but it circulates persistently in the world of football. I happened to talk to a friend who works in television and who learned about the negotiations for Cristiano from an important manager of the club a few days ago at dinner, – says Di Livio.

This information was confirmed by Fabio Petruzzi, who was a member of the team from Rome for many years.

I know from a good source, from a very respectable person, that Roma is trying in every way to get Cristiano Ronaldo. The details will have to be ironed out, for the image rights, but I know that he will leave United, – said Petruzzi.

If this is realized, Ronaldo will once again collaborate with Jose Mourinho, with whom they previously worked together in Real Madrid.