Ronaldo’s plane was delayed at a Spanish airport, the Portuguese’s bodyguard caused a scandal!

As we have already said, Cristiano spends most of the off-season in Spain, he spent the last few days in Menorca, an elite resort.

A few hours ago, Ronaldo had planned to fly on a private plane, but unexpectedly for everyone, Cristiano was stranded at the airport.

The Portuguese was unable to pass through the metal detector in the VIP corridor. It is known that when the device went off, one of the football player’s bodyguards immediately intervened and caused a scandal with the airport staff.

The man was making angry gestures and making threats. He said he “was a police officer in Portugal” and suggested that employees “call whoever they want”. Only the police could quell the burning scandal with the star.

It is reported that Cristiano has stood aside all this time and has not intervened. Half an hour later, the footballer boarded the plane and left.