Four players that Juventus could regret selling this summer


This summer, Juventus are trying to bolster their ranks while at the same time maintaining a balanced approach.

In order to do so, the management must offload some of the players who are on the club’s books, whether in the senior squad, the U-23 or even in the primavera.

However, the decision to sell a player could end up haunting the club in the future, especially when he manages to fulfill his promise somewhere else after leaving Continassa from the back door.

So here are four players that Juventus could regret selling this summer.

Angel Chibozo

While the other options on the list remain pure speculations, this one has been confirmed. Angel Chibozo will leave Juventus for Amiens despite shining for the U-19 squad.

But the most baffling aspect is the modest price tag (around one million euro). This one could spectacularly backfire.

Radu Dragusin

The Romanian is coming off an underwhelming campaign between Sampdoria and Salernitana. But it shouldn’t be enough to write him off. After all, he’s only 20, and still has massive room for improvement.

Nonetheless, the Bianconeri appear to be adamant on breaking up with the center back, and the latter will be eager to prove them wrong wherever he plies his trade next season.


Luca Pellegrini

In 2019, Juventus traded the services of Leonardo Spinazzola for Luca Pellegrini. While this appears to be a regretful decision in hindsight, the latter displayed some encouraging signs last season.

But we all know the story by now, and Juventus are expected to sacrifice the young left-back due to their inability to dismiss the high-earning Alex Sandro.

Nicolo Rovella

While his future remains shrouded with mystery, many believe that Nicolò Rovella will be dropped from the first team squad in favor of Fabio Miretti and/or Nicolò Fagioli.

But that would be a shame, because the former Genoa man has all the makings of a fine midfielder; Strength, technique and the heart of a warrior.

But at the end of the day, it wouldn’t be a Mercato without some painful measures