Ronaldo wanted to leave Manchester United back in January, but they managed to calm him down


English media reported yesterday that Cristiano Ronaldo requested a transfer from Manchester United.

The media in England announced today that Ronaldo is determined to leave the “red devils” and that he made this clear to the leaders of this club.

Although the Portuguese returned to Old Trafford last year, it is clear that he is not very happy at the English club, so at the end of his career it is important for him to play in a club that will compete in the Champions League next season.

Ronaldo already knew that at the beginning of the year, and the Sun reported that they learned from sources close to Ronaldo that he wanted to leave Manchester United since January.


He had several offers on the table and was determined to leave the club after just six months, but club officials managed to convince him not to as they did not want Ronaldo to make a scene at the club.

Then I respected them and he changed his mind, but it is obvious that now he demands the same from them and wants to let him go to another club.