The separation from Pique, the sick father…, Shakira is not alone in her troubles, she risks prison!


Things haven’t been going as expected for Shakira lately. After the separation from Gerard Piqué, the famous singer faces a difficult moment due to the serious illness of her father, and now another chapter is added to this series of worries.

The Colombian singer is facing charges of possible tax fraud in Spain, for which she asked her team of lawyers for a deal with the Barcelona State Prosecutor’s Office.

Shakira lived in Spain for almost three years. Magistrates of the Barcelona Court concluded that Shakira from 2012 to 2014 lived most of her life in Spain, for which she should have paid taxes, according to credit card payments and visits to various shops , according to the photos that she herself published on her social networks.


In addition, in 2012 Shakira bought a house, rented a recording studio and gave birth to her first child, Milan, in a clinic in Barcelona.

The fraud for which she is accused is up to 14.5 million euros ($15.12 million), so before August the Prosecutor’s Office can present the indictment.

Shakira’s goal is to avoid judgment and exposure to a new scandal at an opportune time.

Apparently, the artist has already instructed her team of lawyers to seek an agreement with the lawyer, who defends the interests of the Treasury, and with the Prosecutor’s Office of Barcelona, ​​to try to avoid prison, even if she has to spend millions of dollars