VIDEO/ Tried to shoot the opponent, the former defender of Barcelona is accompanied to the police!


The former defender of Barcelona, ​​Gabriel Milito, was escorted to the police after a match in Argentina.

Milito, the coach of Argentions Junior has been “betrayed” by nerves at the end of the challenge valid for the sixth week in the Argentine championship (Professional League) in the transfer of Central Cordoba.

In the 38th minute of the match, the former defender of Argentina was punished with a red card, after strongly protesting the decision of the main challenger, Truço.

In the tunnel of the stadium, the 41-year-old tried to hit the opposing assistant coach, Facundo Gareca, Rondina’s assistant.


The moment was filmed by security cameras and then, Milito was escorted to the nearest police station, where he stayed for a few minutes clarifying everything and then he was released to return with the team to Buenos Aires .

Argentino Juniors, Gabriel Milito’s team triumphed in the end with the result 1-2, while the Argentine has been in charge of this team since January of last year.