The scandal surrounding the Spanish Super Cup turned into a spy affair


The scandal surrounding the transfer of the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia, involving Luis Rubiales, the president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and Gerard Pique, a player of Barcelona, ​​and disclosed by the newspaper “El Mundo”, has the contours of a spy novel of the highest quality. .

As reported by El Confidencial, an unnamed detective agency hired by Rubiales to uncover the origin of the Super Cup files followed El Mundo deputy director Esteban Ureiztieta to force him to inadvertently lead them to the alleged source of the scandal.

For almost two weeks, private investigators have been spying on the former chief of staff of the president of the Federation, as well as another RFEF employee.

Despite the constant sight of “suspicious persons,” detectives have not found any significant information, according to documents obtained by “El Confidential.”

The first man of Spanish football, as it is stated, crossed another red line with this episode, not only because he violated the journalist’s right to keep his sources secret and to report freely, but also because he was threatened his physical integrity by chasing him for more than five kilometers through the streets of downtown Madrid while riding a motorcycle, as evidenced by the reports submitted by the detective agency to the RFEF.


“El Confidencial” contacted the deputy director of “El Mundo” to inform him about the existence of espionage. Ureiztieta expressed his gratitude that this information had come to light and was gravely concerned about the espionage of which he was the victim. He explained that the person he met in the cafeteria had nothing to do with Rubiales or the football world, and that he was a person with a recognized career in a completely different field than the one he usually deals with in the context of his journalistic activity. . The meeting with Rubiales and Gerardo Gonzalez had nothing to do with the Super Cup records either.

But the journalist remained reserved for taking legal measures against interference in the free performance of his work. Anyway, the scandal broke.

“The president of the RFEF Ruby records ministers, state secretaries, the president of La Liga, spies on the president of the AFE union, journalists, travels with a girlfriend, “cheats” in the commissions… How long will the passivity of the police last? Who will be spied on next?”, was the reaction of Javier Tebas, the first man of La Liga, to the information published by “El Confidencial”.