Pique separated from the girl that cheated Shakira


Gerard Pique and Shakira, one of the most famous couples in the world, broke up at the beginning of June.

The new woman in Gerard Pique’s life was reportedly a waitress at a famous club in Barcelona, ​​to whom the Spanish player said at one point that “she is his first lady”.

After only a few weeks of dating, it looks like the footballer has decided to ditch “CC” (the initials of Pique’s alleged girlfriend).

He is alone and has many friends,” said photographer Jordi Martin, reports Marca. Pique decided on this step because he has a well-developed plan.


He is determined to reconcile with Shakira and reach a consensus on the burning issue: where the singer and the couple’s two children will live.

Shakira wants to move to Miami with Milan and Sasha, while Gerard Pique wants all three close to him in Barcelona.

However, despite numerous rumors that Pique cheated on Shakira, which is the reason for their breakup, sources close to Pique say that the split was due to earlier misunderstandings in life.