Strong statement: Ronaldo is not for sale

In the previous days, Ronaldo’s departure from Manchester United was widely announced. Ronaldo has not yet appeared at the preparations, the official announcement is due to family reasons, but the public is convinced that he wants to leave.

The Portuguese was connected with several clubs, and mostly in the last period with the rival of the “red devils”, Chelsea. However, Manchester United strategist Eric Ten Haag claims that Ronaldo is not for sale.

“Ronaldo is not for sale, he is in our plans, he is not with us at this moment due to family problems. I’m happy to work with him.”

“Before the problems appeared, we had a good conversation. He didn’t tell me he wanted to leave, that’s what I read in the media. We want success together,” Ten Haag claims.

However, the start of the new season in the Premier League is in less than a month, so the future of the Portuguese is expected to be clear very soon.