Why Icardi is not focused in football? – He have s*x with her partner Wanda Nara 12 times a day


Mauro Icardi has sex with wife Wanda Nara up to ’12 times a day’ according to a rumor shared by Daniele Adani.

The Italian appeared on Christian Vieri’s Twitch stream last year and the pair began discussing footballers’ sex lives.

Per The Sun, a discussion involving Icardi and Nara emerged and they claim the pair can have intercourse up to 12 times a day.

Nara works as an agent for Paris Saint-Germain superstar Icardi and admitted that in 2020 the forward will refuse sex if his team loses.

Her comments came after former Inter coach Antonio Conte, who sold Icardi to PSG in 2019, claimed footballers should try to expend as little energy as possible during sex as the likelihood of injury increases significantly. enormous


When Wanda was asked about the current Tottenham Hotspur manager’s claims, the 35-year-old spoke of her husband’s frustrations when PSG lost a match.

The model and TV presenter told the Italian magazine Repubblica delle Donne: “I don’t know what to say.”

“He should try it before the game, but Mauro is very professional and he doesn’t do anything before the game.”

“Only after and if the match went well. If it doesn’t go well, he doesn’t even want to look at me,” she added.

Wanda has become a controversial figure after ditching Icardi’s former team-mate Maxi Lopez for the striker.