Chaos in Bayern because of Leveandovski, teammates don’t know how to behave!

Robert Lewandowski has joined the Bayern squad at the start of preparations for the upcoming season, although he hoped to end the soap opera surrounding his move to Barcelona. As the Bavarians stubbornly refused to sell the Pole, the deal was still not done and Lewandowski returned to Munich alone, without his family.

The Polish Sportowe Fakty wrote a few days ago that Lewandowski did not even think of boycotting the preparations, although such claims appeared in the media. “It was just a fabrication and a hoax,” added Polish media. Lewandowski came to Munich alone, while his wife and children remained outside Germany. The Poles claim that Lewandowski has received death threats in recent days, does not feel comfortable and did not want to take his family with him.

Bild writes today that Lewandowski passed the medical preparations on Tuesday and had no intention of boycotting his duties at Bayern and behaved like a professional, although it is clear to everyone that he can’t wait to leave Bavaria and change the Bayern jersey to Barcelona. .

The same source claims that Lewandowski’s return to Munich has caused real confusion in the German champions’ dressing room. Coach Julian Nagelsmann and Bayern players are aware that the situation is tense, that the departure of the Pole is inevitable and Bild writes that a very ugly atmosphere has been created in the club and that no one knows how to deal with Lewandowski.

The latest information says that the transfer could happen these days, when the Bavarians will officially complete the transfer of De Ligt from Juventus, who should sign for 90 million euros (a club record).